A source. Not just a resource.

A resource is like a lump of coal, it can provide needed energy until it is used up and then it is gone. A source, on the other hand, is like the sun, virtually inexhaustible and continually generating energy, light & warmth. Meta4mat works earnestly to be both a resource and a source, leveraging years of experience, an abundance of energy and inventive solutions all in support of your visual branding initiatives.

Meta4mat is every bit a product of necessity. Effectively stuffing grey matter into the creative void that exists between those that think, and those that do. And we believe that by sharing our expertise early on in the creative process will (and does) lead to new opportunities, bigger ideas, more dynamic thinking.

It used to be that creativity stopped at the vendor’s front door. Times have changed, friends. Welcome to Meta4mat.

Let's start by not talking about what we do.

Rather, let’s chat for a bit about how we think. How we are capable of (and comfortable) stepping in at the earliest conceptual stage of a project to help you bring even the most audacious ideas to fruition. Better yet, ask around our shop and you’ll find that the most prized piece of equipment isn’t a fancy machine or computer. It’s a coffee table surrounded by comfy chairs where ideas are hatched, flung, and watered. Of course, Meta4mat is well-equipped and staffed to produce the highest quality multi-dimensional product. But, what’s important is our drive to push the best ideas, and make them that much better.

Move a Mountain? Where do you want it?

Simply put, we’re a large format or direct to substrate printer. And we’ve invested in the appropriate amount of technology – flatbed and roll machines, vinyl cutters, high speed routers, heat benders and laminators are a few of our favorites. While we’re capable of producing some astonishing things at an unbelievable quality, what we really excel at is bringing your visual branding ideas to life. From conception to execution. One-offs to thousands. Square cut to 3D…we love a good challenge. We’ve yet to meet our match.

Recent advancements in technology have made large format printing almost indistinguishable from conventional printing and since we can print on virtually any flat substrate, we are simply giddy about all the possibilities. The extent of our work is both broad and deep– ranging from simple signage to entire trade show booths and custom product displays. Take a look, we think you’ll be giddy as well.

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